How Can I Help?

Project 20Teen has no paid management or staff.  We rely on good-hearted individuals just like you to help move our banner forward – by joining in a grass-roots, boots-on-the-ground, community-wide effort.  If you are interested in supporting us and becoming part of the solution, please assist as able in the following ways:Helping hands

    1. Print out our flyer for Restaurants, and distribute a copy to restaurant owners and managers whenever you can!  One simple way to do this is to give a copy to your server whenever you eat out, and ask him or her to pass it along to the owner or manager.
    2. Help us develop a mobile app (or donate funds to have one created).  Imagine looking for a healthy meal, especially while traveling, and simply pulling up your P20T app and having a list of P20T-qualified meals and restaurants automatically pop up – sorted according to distance from your current location!  We also want to be able to enter and track our progress on The 24/7 Diet.
    3. Spread the word, join the charge, like us on facebook, and Sign the Petition!
    4. Website enhancement
    5. Media exposure and public awareness
    6. Review menus from restaurants, and if they contain five (5) meals that you are confident are sugar- and oil-free (S/O Free!) and/or meet The 4:1 Rule (also see Specific Guidelines), please share that information with us (along with the restaurant information).  If applicable, specify if these menu items are whole-foods, plant-based (WFPB – does not have anything processed out, contains no processed food such as sugar and oil, and has no animal products).
    7. When you see something that has been labeled or previously identified as qualifying for one of the P20T logos (including 50 or Bust! and S/O Free!), but it does not, let us know.
    8. As soon as we are set up (we are working on this), monetary donations (sponsorship levels below).

E-mail us if you are interested!

Club/Sponsorship Levels:

  • Diamond Dwarf Pea ($1,000,000+)
  • Platinum Potato ($500,000+)
  • Rhodium Rhubarb ($250,000+)
  • Gold Guava ($100,000+)
  • Emerald Edamame ($50,000+)
  • Sapphire Strawberry ($25,000+)
  • Silver Spinach ($10,000+)
  • Ruby Rice ($5000+)
  • Pearl Papaya ($2500+)
  • Topaz Tomato ($1000+)
  • Coral Carrot ($500)
  • Bronze Broccoli ($250+)
  • Crystal Cranberry ($100+)
  • Mercury Mushroom ($50+)
  • Silk Squash ($25+)
  • Rose Raspberry ($10+)

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